I have two SRX Cluster Members and managed from remotely. Each time when transferring package file remotely it will take several hours for 140M new junos file.

File copy command can copy file between routing engines but looks does not work well on SRX Cluster.

I tried to login into routing engine re0 or re1 on SRX. It is always in same routing engine. But with node 0 and node 1, it works well.

root@fw-1% cli

root@fw-1% request routing-engine login re0  

root@fw-1% request routing-engine login re1

root@fw-1> request routing-engine login node 1 

— JUNOS 11.4R7.5 built 2013-03-01 11:40:03 UTC

root@fw-2> file copy /var/tmp/junos10.3.tgz re1:/var/tmp/junos10.3.tgz
re1: No route to host
re1: No route to host
error: put-file failed
error: could not send local copy of file

root@fw-2> file copy /var/tmp/junos10.3.tgz node0:/var/tmp/junos10.3.tgz
ssh: Could not resolve hostname node0: hostname nor servname provided, or not known
lost connection
error: put-file failed
error: could not send local copy of file

After a couple of times try, I found a way to use fxp0.0 interface ip to do file transferring:
  file copy /var/tmp/junos10.3.tgz

and the speed is 2.2MB/s. pretty nice. And file transferring can be done in 1 minutes.

By Jon

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