I was looking for some online tools to create impressive AWS diagram for my learning process. Most of online diagram websites provide certain free usages. Here are some websites I found useful to me.


1. AWS 3D Diagram from Cloudcraft.co

It is quite impressive when I started to make my first diagram. Limit grid size is a big pain when you try to draw a detail diagram for your AWS VPC, but it is good enough to draw a three tier application deployment. 

Cloudcraft allows registered user to create AWS diagrams for free using all available components with some feature limited. Upgrade to Cloudcraft Pro for import of live AWS data and unlimited size diagrams. It can automatically calculate the cost for your design, and  also provides live connection to your AWS account. The smart components feature makes it much easier to connect other components you lay on the grid than any other websites I tried. Love it. So far, I think it is best site for me .

Monthly $49 can get your subscription to pro level to unlock those restrictions.

2. AWS 3D Diagram from Draw.io

Draw.io isn’t the best flowchart or diagramming app, but it does provides some good feature which not provided by other online diagram websites.. It supports to save your diagram to popular online drive such as google drive.

Draw.io link

3. Creatly.com



4. AWS Simple Icons for Architecture Diagrams

Microsoft PowerPoint
AWS Simple Icons for PowerPoint (PPTX)
Microsoft Visio Stencil
AWS Simple Icons for Microsoft Visio 2003 – 2013 (VSS & VSSX)
EPS & SVG Formats
AWS Simple Icons in SVG and EPS (ZIP)
Sketch Format
AWS Simple Icons for Sketch (ZIP)

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