Papertrail is part of SolarWinds Cloud™, the next evolution of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio for monitoring cloud-native applications and infrastructures. It does provide a free plan with following features or limitations:

  • 50 MB/month
  • 48 hours search
  • 7 days archive
  • Unlimited systems
  • Unlimited users

1. Setup Linux Syslog Daemon to Send logs to Papertrail

Run the install script

wget -qO - --header="X-Papertrail-Token: ?xyy6KcSF3XguJCUpD?" \ | sudo bash
This script will make the syslog daemon send logs to Papertrail.

2. Aggregate Application Log Files to Send to Papertrail

Download Remote_Syslog2

root@backup-51sec-org-lemp-stack:/tmp# wget

If it is 64bit, you might want to use this command:

root@backup-51sec-org-lemp-stack:/tmp# wget

Execute remote_syslog2

sudo remote_syslog \
-p 11218 \
-d \
--pid-file=/var/run/ \

Or download a custom config file, save it in /etc/log_files.yml and run sudo remote_syslog.

root@backup-51sec-org-lemp-stack:/etc# cat /etc/log_files.yml 
  - /var/log/nginx/*.log
  port: 11218
  protocol: tls
pid_file: /var/run/

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