In this post, I will create a python container and run python script inside docker container and run python script directly through docker.
docker pull python
Start a python container
docker run -it -d --name mypython -p 8888:80 -v /data/www/python/:/usr/src/myapp/python bash
–name mypython container name
-p 8888:80 host port 8888 mapped to container port 80
-v /data/www/python/:/usr/src/myapp/ mapping directory, container directory /usr/src/myapp/ persistent to the host /data/www/python/ directory

    Execute Python Script In Docker

    Then write a file on the host machine, and then enter the container
    docker exec -it mypython bash
    Run Python program in the container
    python /usr/src/myapp/
    $ docker run -it -d --name python -p 82:80 -v /data/www/python/:/usr/src/myapp/ mypython bash
    Unable to find image 'python:latest' locally
    latest: Pulling from library/python
    90fe46dd8199: Pull complete 
    35a4f1977689: Pull complete 
    bbc37f14aded: Pull complete 
    74e27dc593d4: Pull complete 
    4352dcff7819: Pull complete 
    deb569b08de6: Pull complete 
    98fd06fa8c53: Pull complete 
    7b9cc4fdefe6: Pull complete 
    512732f32795: Pull complete 
    Digest: sha256:ad7fb5bb4770e08bf10a895ef64a300b288696a1557a6d02c8b6fba98984b86a
    Status: Downloaded newer image for python:latest
    [node1] (local) [email protected] ~
    $ cd /data/www/python/
    [node1] (local) [email protected] /data/www/python
    $ vi
    print ("Hello World!!!")
    $ ls
    [node1] (local) [email protected] /data/www/python
    $ docker exec -it mypython bash
    root@2374355d7d50:/# python /usr/src/myapp/
    Hello World!!!
    root@2374355d7d50:/# exit

    Execute Python Script using Docker

    [node1] (local) [email protected] /data/www/python
    $ docker exec -it python python /usr/src/myapp/
    Hello World!!!
    [node1] (local) [email protected] /data/www/python

    By Jonny

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