TraceRoute / tracert commands can give you each hop from your machine to remote machine by ip/dns name. It will be more interesting if it can put on a graphical map to see how your packets travelled through each place and eventually reached the destination. 

There are quite a few tools can show you this information. I collected some of them in case I will need it later. Some can be used to trace the route for outbound, some are for inbound.


This tool is not online version. You will have to download it and install on your computer to use. It does provides Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Andriod version. Basically it initiate a traceroute request from your machine with a link visualization to the destination. 

Geo Traceroute

The best part to Geo TraceRoute is you can choose where you start TraceRoute from. It is giving you a return route to the destination you want to trace. 

Geolocalisation of routers involved in a traceroute is a complex task as all GeoIP databases available (free or paid versions) are totally inaccurate on interco routers IPs. The methodology used here is an AI algorithm that performs the same tasks a human would do when analyzing a traceroute. This includes:

  • Analyzing the reverse name to try to find a city name.
  • Analyzing the reverse name to try to find a IATA code.
  • Analyzing the reverse name to try to find an ICAO code.
  • Consult several GeoIP databases to check if they match.
  • Analyzing the latency to find the most logical city.
  • Analyzing the latency to discard errors.
  • Analyzing the path to detect inconsistencies (loops,weird paths).
  • Analyzing the graph shape and assign weight to the most logical nodes based on country and latency (Bayesian logic).
  • Relocating hops to the most logical city when an error is detected.

Online Link:

G Suite. Tools – Visual TraceRoute

The objective of this graphical traceroute is to discover each server relaying your IP packet from point to another, and to measure the return-trip delay between the probing host (here G Suite.Tools) and each relay on the packet path.

Online Link:



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