What is Web Password Filler (WPF)?

  • Help Users log on to their websites by
    • Finding and entering credentials from secret server.
    • Add new secrets to secret server
    • Generating strong passwords
    • Updating secrets stored in secret server
  • Enables session recording for web secret sessions. 

Plugs are available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge (Chromium)

  • Authenticate to secret server directly from the web extension
  • Includes support for two factor authentication such as DUO
  • Web session recording

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Chrome: https://ift.tt/3x2Icb5
Firefox:  https://ift.tt/3eUzhlU
Edge: https://ift.tt/3iI3DZJ


Depends on your secret server is on prem or cloud, your url might be different. 
Usually, you will choose use secret server to login.


from Blogger http://blog.51sec.org/2021/07/thycotic-web-password-filler-wpf.html

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