Created one local help desk account with temporary privilege 15, but seems does not work
In my case, the switch have been configured with following accounts:

username localit privilege 15 secret 4 p6J2bynlksIBlEJzaUifTN7fmYZ6Oo
username localit autocommand show running
username localadmin privilege 7 secret 4 p6J2bynlksIBlEJzaW.fFhK1UUifTN7fmYZ6Oo
username madmin privilege 15 secret 4 p6J2bynlksIBlEJzafFhK1UUifTN7fmYZ6Oo

For user madmin, it will have privilege 15 once logged in. Unfortunately it is still not in enable mode.


  aaa authorization console
  aaa authorization exec default local

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