Some Cloud storage and downloading dockers.

  • Live Torrent Docker
  • Simple Torrent Docker
  • A Temp File Sharing Site
  • A simple multimedia file server: Gossa
  • FireRun
  • FireRun + AriaNg + Aria2
  • NextCloud + AriaNg + Aria2
  • CCAA – AriaNG + Aria2 + FileBrowser

Live Torrent Docker

live-torrent is a powerful BT Web client tool that supports BT search and cloud broadcasting. We can directly use the built-in engine of the program to search for resources, and we can also upload seed files or magnetic links to add tasks. The program supports automatic Identify the video files in the seed and click the play button to play directly online. The program supports docking with OpenSubtitles to automatically add subtitles to the video. It also provides a list of popular movies, and provides corresponding resources for you to play and download. However, the only regret is that online search for Chinese resources is not supported, so Chinese resources can only upload seed files for identification, playback and download.

Github address:

 Install live-torrent
 docker run --restart=always --name live-torrent -d -p 8080:8080 davenchy/live-torrent

$ docker run --restart=always --name live-torrent -d -p 8080:8080 davenchy/live-torrent
Unable to find image 'davenchy/live-torrent:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from davenchy/live-torrent
c0c53f743a40: Pull complete 
66997431d390: Pull complete 
0ea865e2909f: Pull complete 
584bf23912b7: Pull complete 
3c4c73959f29: Pull complete 
63e05266fc4b: Pull complete 
b00869e1130e: Pull complete 
45b49819ba5a: Pull complete 
87465fce1a7f: Pull complete 
e933a1a9b620: Pull complete 
16cfa451c2c6: Pull complete 
a1a6c250b031: Pull complete 
b1001fc608c6: Pull complete 
83bfb28f25da: Pull complete 
ba5eb8f2f5b4: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:e1f2d28e6db1ae740ae1ad1f110841a5d138fd5e423ed92cccf238d2ab563ff1
Status: Downloaded newer image for davenchy/live-torrent:latest

Then access the Web client via ip:8080 .

Tested at

Simple Torrent Docker

Simple Torrent project is based on Cloud Torrent . Some applicable functions, download / upload speed restrictions, no copyright restrictions, RSS subscriptions and custom addition of BT-Trackers etc., and there is an api interface, and it also supports automatic calling of external commands after downloading. For example, like aria2 , we can automatically upload the downloaded resources to OneDrive or Google Drive and other network disks. The blogger probably used it. I feel it is okay. Share it here.

Github url:

BU-Trackers server list:


docker run –restart=always –name simple-torrent -d \
3000:3000 \
-v ~/downloads:/downloads \
-v ~/torrents:/torrents \

Then access the Web client via ip:3000 .

$ docker run --restart=always --name simple-torrent -d \
> -p 3000:3000 \
> -v ~/downloads:/downloads \
> -v ~/torrents:/torrents \
> boypt/cloud-torrent
Unable to find image 'boypt/cloud-torrent:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from boypt/cloud-torrent
aad63a933944: Pull complete 
c0e72d70fc32: Pull complete 
dca2be6dbc56: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:079290f5325f27840539718332013a0db5313f28dc1ec41bb8b9a0ee03075952
Status: Downloaded newer image for boypt/cloud-torrent:latest
[node1] (local) [email protected] ~

Tested at


A Temp File Sharing Site

Firefox Send has been open shared and this docker is built based on Firefox Send code at Github:

It will need 1G RAM. If it is only 512M RAM, you will need to add Swap memory. 

docker run –name send -d -p 8888:1443 moerats/send

You can visit site by ip:8888.

A simple multimedia file server: Gossa


Create Dockerfile:

cat > Dockerfile <<EOF
FROM alpine
RUN wget && mv gossa-linux64 /gossa && chmod +x /gossa
“/gossa”, “-h”, “”, “/shared” ]

Make a docker image:

docker build -t gossa .

Run docker  image:

docker run –name gossa -d -p 8002:8001 -v /root/netsec:/shared gossa

The folder path is /root/netsec and access address is ip:8002


FileRun is a self-hosted Google Drive alternative. It is a full featured web based file manager with an easy to use user interface. It is great for managing your photo, movie, audio collection, or sharing files with your family and friends. demo :

Create a text file named docker-compose.yml and paste the following inside:

version: '2'

    image: mariadb:10.1
      MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: your_mysql_root_password
      MYSQL_USER: your_filerun_username
      MYSQL_PASSWORD: your_filerun_password
      MYSQL_DATABASE: your_filerun_database
      - /filerun/db:/var/lib/mysql

    image: afian/filerun
      FR_DB_HOST: db
      FR_DB_PORT: 3306
      FR_DB_NAME: your_filerun_database
      FR_DB_USER: your_filerun_username
      FR_DB_PASS: your_filerun_password
      APACHE_RUN_USER: www-data
      APACHE_RUN_GROUP: www-data
      - db
      - db:db
      - "80:80"
      - /filerun/html:/var/www/html
      - /filerun/user-files:/user-files
Please note the above volumes configuration. There are two folders you need to configure. One for the FileRun application files. It can be located in any empty folder and must have the mount path set to /var/www/html and one for the FileRun user files, with the mount path set to /user-files. In other words, if you use the above configuration text as it is, you just need to create two empty folders, /filerun/html and /filerun/user-files and you can starting the FileRun Docker container up:
mkdir /filerun /filerun/html /filerun/user-files
And start FileRun up using the following command:
docker-compose up -d
FileRun should be now up and running and you can access it with your browser.
The default FileRun credentials are as follows:
* Username: superuser
* Password: superuser

FileRun + AriaNG + Aria2

git clone
cd aria2-ariang-x-docker-compose/filerun
docker-compose up -d

Filerunhttp://ip:8000   (superuser / superuser)
AriaNghttp://ip:8000/aria2/  (admin / password)

NextCloud + AriaNG + Aria2

To install NextCloud:
git clone
cd aria2-ariang-x-docker-compose/nextcloud
docker-compose up -d

To install Aria2 and AriaNg:
docker run –rm -p 8000:80 -p 6800:6800 -v ~/data/:/user-files wahyd4/aria2-ariang

Nextcloud: http://ip

Nextcloud Configure Eexternal-storage

Top right – Apps
Enable External Storage Support

Settings – Admin – External Storage
the files downloaded by Aria2 will be at /user-files/ folder.

Add a new local storage folder into settings – admin – external storage. Any Aria2 download file will be in NextCloud.

Upgrade Docker Image:
docker-compose stop # 将 docker 镜像暂时关掉
git pull origin master
# 获取最近代码
docker-compose up -d
# 运行最新版本的镜像

CCAA=AriaNg + Aria2 + FileBrowser

docker run --name="ccaa" -d -p 6080:6080 -p 6081:6081 -p 6800:6800 -p 51413:51413 \
    -v /data/ccaaDown:/data/ccaaDown \
    -e PASS="" \
    helloz/ccaa \
    sh -c "dccaa pass && dccaa start"
  • 第一个/data/ccaaDown为本地目录,CCAA下载后的内容会保存在此目录,请根据自身情况设置
  • xiaoz.me为Aria2密钥,运行的时候请修改为自己的密码
  • 文件管理默认用户名为ccaa,密码为admin,登录后可在后台修改


iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 6080 -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 6081 -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 6800 -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 51413 -j ACCEPT
service iptables save
service iptables restart
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=6080/tcp --permanent
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=6081/tcp --permanent
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=6800/tcp --permanent
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=51413/tcp --permanent
firewall-cmd --reload
docker start ccaa
docker stop ccaa
docker restart ccaa
docker update --restart=always ccaa

Aria2 + AriaNg

8000 本地则是你暴露出对外访问的 AriaNg 图形界面的端口, ~/data/ 是你所有通过 Aria2 下载的文件目录。

 docker run -d -i --restart=always --name ariang -p 8000:80  -p 6800:6800 -v ~/data/:/data wahyd4/aria2-ariang

--rm : remove if exist

-d : backgroun
-i :interactive

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