This post is to sum up the steps using package to install Linux system into Oracle Free Tier machine, either x86 or ARM architecture. 

Create Your Oracle VM and create local vnc console

Please check following posts in this blog, regarding how to create VMs and create VNC connections:

Download netboot.efi

Download netboot.efi file. 

  • x86_64:
  • arm64:
root@ubuntu-arm-test:~# cd /boot/efi
root@ubuntu-arm-test:/boot/efi# wget^C
root@ubuntu-arm-test:/boot/efi# ls
Reboot system from VNC console

Enter into BIOS and Run arm64 efi file

Using up/down arrow key to move your selection to Boot Manager then Enter

Choose EFT Internal Shell

Press ESC key to skip startup.nsh, you will get into Shell>

Since has been put into /boot/efi folder, you will be able to find it using ls command. You can directly run this efi file from shell.


Or you can boot EFI from Boot Maintenance Manager – Boot From File 

File Explorer:

File Explorer

iPXE Shell

After started, you an run iPXE shell:

The commands in the following figure can be used, and you can use them in combination to complete your custom system installation.

Some common commands of ipxe shell


You can add after the corresponding command to –help get more help for the command, go and try it.


  • If ARM uses to install CentOS, the kernel will not be downloaded. Just download it manually;
  • x86_64 CentOS cannot install a version greater than 7.2 because of insufficient memory.

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